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This once-peaceful mining planet of ours sure has plenty going for it. Hillys is home to countless species and a vacation-lover's selection of landscapes. The perfect place for raising a family. But with the DomZ knocking at our door, those toughies in the Alpha Sections have seen fit to practically lock the planet down. Can't even go where we want to anymore.


Hillys' stellar location finds it orbiting the star of System 4. Primarily a mining planet, Hilly's large and incredibly diverse population has ultimately drawn the attention of the DomZ armada along with the military force of the Alpha Sections into the mix. The Hillyan population is quite technologically advanced, with star travel a reality and hover devices common across the planet.

With its surface area mostly covered in oceans and almost every pocket of land inhabited, the planet's civilization has heavily diversified into a varied culture despite the mining planet's humble status in the galaxy. One moon, Selene, orbits the planet and joins countless constellations in the Hillyan night sky.

The Lighthouse

Originally a humble lighthouse to guide ships into the Main City's harbour at night, this dwelling now serves as Jade Reporting & Co.'s main base of operations. Home to Jade and Pey'j, the lighthouse now serves as a safe haven for children left without their parents in the endless DomZ attacks.

A powerful deflector shield protects the lighthouse from DomZ aerial attacks, so long as the team has enough units for their electricity bill. Pey'j has a sophisticated yet rustic workshop setup in the bowels of the lighthouse's rocky underground caverns, housing plenty of gizmos including the vital hovercraft transport.

The Mammago Garage

Housed near the rim of the city's harbour, the Mammago Garage has all your vehicular needs covered. Home to a trio of Jamaican-accented rhinos, all manner of upgrades for Jade's hovercraft can be bought here.

The rhino mechanics are all too happy to help install the latest gear, for a price of course. Only giant pearls will satisfy their currency requirements, so maybe the outlawing of pearls everywhere else on Hillys will actually help Jade collect enough for new gear (and of course gives the Mammago boys an easy pile of money).

Pey'j isn't the biggest fan of the garage, but the price is worth it - gear bought from Mammago is guaranteed to work as advertised.

Main City

Home to Hillys' busiest district, the main city is brimming with activity. Built with a clearly Venice-inspired design, the twisting canals winding through the city's streets grant Jade easy access to most regions.

The city is home to two racing tournament tracks - and since the government legalised the popular sport - it draws scores of competitors and spectators alike to help keep the citizens sane during the DomZ crisis.

The Pedestrian District is where most of the action takes place here in the city, as Jade and Pey'j will find plenty of activity waiting for them there. From the Akuda Bar to Ming-Tzu's emporium, full exploration of this region will yield plenty of surprises and uncover a mystery or two.

Black Isle

Home to an abandoned mine, Black Isle draws few visitors. Even the Alpha Sections have shown little interest in this island. Besides the old mine itself, not much awaits budding tourists in this dank and ancient location.

Rumours have been floating around of a hidden stash of giant pearls near the summit of the peak, but as yet no explorer has dared take the plunge to find the answer.

Nutripils factory

The looming Nutripils factory right outside the Main City once supplied Hillys with a plentiful supply of the nutripil element. Since the DomZ attacks however, the Alpha Sections shut production down and are currently occupying the factory as a military base.

With Alpha bots guarding the entrance to the factory, no Hillyans are granted access anymore. The Alphas claim this is for the citizen's own safety as the factory is now serving as a military supply depot in the fight against the DomZ.

But the factory has curiously avoided the recent DomZ attacks, and suspicion of the Alphas has drawn the IRIS Network to attempt an infiltration of the complex to discover the truth hidden inside its walls.

The Old Slaughterhouses

Home to much of Hillys' food production facilities, the Slaughterhouses were recently closed down and all their workers evicted.

Now serving as yet another base of operations for the Alpha Sections, this facility far to the south has also curiously avoided attack by the DomZ.

With its main entrance sealed, only the nearby racetracks bordering the Slaughterhouses' outer walls are of any interest to Hillyans.

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