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This little world of ours is teeming with all sorts of life, from the gentle canis canis to the vicious crochax. But one thing is for sure: Jade and I will meet plenty of Hillyan denizens before the final curtain call. Most are friendly, while others are not exactly the type of company you'd want to share a table with at the Akuda Bar.


"The government thinks I'm a threat... they're right."

Jade was raised on Hillys by her uncle Pey'j from a very young age and features as the story's main protagonist. Very little intel can be gleaned from her past, and ironically Jade's pursuit of truth and curious nature culminated in the formation of Jade Reporting & Co. With her never-leave-home-without-it camera, skilled mastery of martial arts and penchant for no-nonsense search for fact, Jade quickly finds herself caught up in the struggle against the DomZ.

Hailing from the Lighthouse Island south of the main city, Jade and her uncle have graciously taken in countless children left without parents by the relentless DomZ attacks.

Jade will learn first-hand the power and influence one individual's actions can have for an entire civilization, as before this chapter of her life reaches its climax she'll need to discover the true nature of her government's actions, the rebel IRIS network and the DomZ armada - not least of all the mysteries within herself.


"Model D23 my li'l lady. Slices, dices and pounds."

Pey'j's stature and outward appearance belies his inner kindness. Once a close friend of Jade's parents from a time long passed, Pey'j took a young Jade under his wing to raise her on the then-peaceful Hillys before the DomZ arrived.

Pey'j is a natural expert with all things mechanical, and his varied inventions from hovercrafts to Mdisk players won't let Jade down in her quest (well, maybe not without a new motor and a firm kick).

His guardianship of Jade hasn't waned over the years, and his quick thinking and sharp wit help stave off the oppressive actions of the DomZ.

Double H


A solider of the steadfast Hillyan army, Double H's loyalty and devotion is clearly unmatched. Taking part in the fight against the DomZ, Double H's campaigns have gradually eroded his trust in the Alpha Sections and ultimately linked him up with the underground IRIS Network.

Despite the government's extreme bereavement of IRIS, Double H believes IRIS understands the true threat to Hillys and fights for the people's freedom. Working behind enemy lines to help expose the truth, his path will inevitably cross Jade's as she herself is caught up in the events shaping the world's future.

The Lighthouse kids

"...I'll make those DomZ suffer for taking away my parents."

The DomZ kidnap Hillyans left-right and center for their own malicious design. Their interest in mostly adult citizens have rendered many children without parents and homes, leaving them to fend for themselves in a difficult world.

Jade and Pey'j have graciously opened their lighthouse home to any number of orphaned children in the hope to save the next generation of Hillyans and indeed their entire civilization from extinction.

The Mammago boys

"The Mammago boys are full of good advice."

Ever met a trio of anthropomorphised rhinos from the Caribbean? Having nagging engine problems? The Mammago team's got you covered. These boisterous characters manage the aptly named Mammago Garage, where all manner of handy gizmos await to enhance Jade's hovercraft.

Since the government outlawed the use of giant pearls in local currency, only the Mammago team now accepts this rare form of money. Pey'j may not be too fond of their price points or business model, but their vehicular hardware will quickly prove vital in Jade's quest.

General Kehck

"The impending battle will be a difficult one. But, thanks to the Alpha Sections..."

The charismatic General Kehck lives and breathes the Alpha Sections. As the supreme commander of all Alpha's forces, his rallying and aggressive speeches can be heard all across Hillys, booming from the nearest radio or video feed.

Constantly urging Hillyans to join the fight against the DomZ, the General has recently begun expressing his disdain for the rebel IRIS Network, claiming this group to be undermining the safety of Hillys and literally working with the alien DomZ. With the government firmly on his side, the General's had no trouble recruiting new soldiers to help in the struggle.

The Alpha Sections

"Join our forces, and you will know the taste of victory!"

Little is known about the military force known as the Alpha Sections. Originating from unknown space, the Alphas arrived to help fight the DomZ and seem to track the alien menace from world-to-world to help defend the local populations.

Supreme commander of the Alphas - General Kehck - hopes to bolster the ranks of his troops with members of Hillys' army, but continued unsuccessful skirmishes with the DomZ have begun to chip away at the people of Hillys' faith in their supposed saviours. Despite the full support of the planet's government and almost complete control of the media, only time will tell if the Alphas can finally conquer the DomZ and live up to their promise.

IRIS Network

"Rise Hillyans! Everyone with IRIS!"

Not everyone on Hillys believes in the Alpha Sections. Slowly but surely, individuals have begun questioning the actions (and often lack thereof) of the Alphas, especially while the government seems so steadfast in support of the military power. Bring these individuals together and the IRIS Network is born.

Conspiracies emerge and IRIS' suspicion picks up steam: do the Alpha Sections really have the Hillyan's best interests in mind? Deploying agents to help uncover the truth, IRIS has already landed itself in hot water with both the government and the Alphas, branded by both as nothing more than band of thugs working to undermine the security of Hillys. But the truth of who is good and evil cannot remain hidden forever.

The DomZ

"Shauni Ourhbaïths mètheud"

The scourge of the galaxy, the DomZ ruthlessly invade populated planets throughout the stars and seek to bring civilizations to utter ruin. Very little is known of these enigmatic aliens, and their actions have awarded them few supporters. The peaceful planet of Hillys is their latest target, and endless rounds of kidnappings have the citizens of the world gripped in fear.

The only force seemingly capable of defeating this alien force lies within the Alpha Section's military might. The Alphas have tracked the DomZ across the stars, taking the fight back to them and attempting to defend civilizations caught in the crossfire. Only the truth and reason behind the DomZ attacks can spell their utter defeat.

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