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Interested in learning more about the world of Beyond Good & Evil? Let uncle Pey'j explain. You see, back in the day of big black boxes and purple cubes, one man helped realise a fantastic new adventure. That man was Michel Ancel, famed creator of the long-time Rayman series.

This game takes place on the world of Hillys, a century after those back-stabbing DomZ alien invaders arrived to mess things up. We join a young action reporter - Jade - on a mission to capture the truth and uncover a conspiracy or two. This old ham couldn't help but tag along for the ride.

Beyond Good & Evil

Beyond Good & Evil Title Screen.

Beyond Good & Evil arrived for PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox and Nintendo GameCube back in 2003. Often compared in style to Nintendo's heralded Zelda franchise, this charming, deep and timeless action-adventure title may not have hit it hard on the sales charts, but it certainly didn't fail to impress.

Players take on the role of Jade, a young twenty-something living on the planet Hillys with a strong penchant for photography. Numerous species inhabit the game world, most remarkably so are the multitude of anthropomorphised animals from a modern-day Earth.

We join the story right among the latest attack on Hillys by the relentless and insidious DomZ - an alien empire bent on invading and plundering the world. For supposed centuries the DomZ have waged war against all Hillyans with no end in sight.

DomZ attack the lighthouse.

Hillys' only hope rests with the Alpha Sections, a mighty interstellar military force easily matched to bring the fight back to the DomZ. With more and more citizens of Hillys vanishing by the moment, the Alphas are facing an uphill battle.

But not all is as it seems. Jade will soon find herself caught up in the mystery and intrigue of the planet's plight, uncovering devious plots, finding where her loyalties lie and ultimately partaking in events shaping the fate of the entire planet.

You might be wondering, what's the significance of the title "Beyond Good & Evil?" Now that would be telling...


Jade uses wit and quick footing over brute force.

Primarily using a third-person perspective, players will guide Jade throughout the world of Hillys using her athletic abilities, trusty Daï-jo staff and hardy camera to uncover the truth.

Jade performs much like everyone's favourite elf Link. She can run, crouch, leap short distances and roll her way through the environment. Her primary weapon - the Daï-jo - serves its master well.

Hiding in the shadows...

But her camera is central to solving the mystery. By sneaking behind enemy lines and literally capturing the truth on film, this action reporter will certainly see plenty of action. Stealth is Jade's best friend.

Jade won't be alone in her travels, as her uncle Pey'j tags along to lend a hand. This stout companion won't let Jade get in harm's way.

The technologically advanced but humble civilization of Hillys offers plenty of surprises, from hovercrafts to hover cars, and a wealth of items to help Jade along (did you know that a box of K-bups completely restores your energy?).


North America (NTSC)

Beyond Good & Evil US PC version Beyond Good & Evil US PlayStation 2 version Beyond Good & Evil US GameCube version Beyond Good & Evil US Xbox version
2003.11.19 2003.11.11 2003.12.11 2003.12.02

Europe (PAL)

Beyond Good & Evil Europe PC version Beyond Good & Evil Europe PlayStation 2 version Beyond Good & Evil Europe GameCube version Beyond Good & Evil Europe Xbox version
2003.12.05 2003.11.14 2004.02.27 2004.02.27

PC version overview

Pey'j joins Jade in her quest for truth.

These days you'll be hard-pressed finding new copies of this multiplatform game. For second-hand copies, usually your local EB Games store should do the trick, and eBay never fails to deliver.

Unless you're really set on finding a console version, the PC version is easily the best choice. Both Steam and Direct2Drive offer digital downloadable versions for very reasonable prices (granted you live in North America).

PC Demo

Thankfully, demo versions of the game still exist to give you a taste of
Jade & Co.'s world. The European demo released first, while the US demo
improved the overall experience (and is the recommended version,
we've got the Euro version here for posterity). The US demo allows
players a glimpse of the game up to the Mammago Garage.

The Demo patch is only necessary for AMD PCs, while
the full game patch helps improve the retail version.
All files require a free FilePlanet account to download
(and no waiting in line!).

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